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Pipe Bursting

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Pipe Bursting

Pipe Bursting is the trenchless method of replacing or upsizing buried pipelines without the need for a traditional open cut. The latter can lead to all sorts of types of damage to pipes including: breakage, incrustation, discharge obstacles, position deviations (misalignment, split sockets), tears, leakages and mechanical wear and tear.

At Eps Trenchless Installations Ltd we have become experienced in successfully offering the following cost-effective trench-less pipe bursting services:


Expandit replaces existing pipes without excavation and can be operated from small excavations or existing manholes. With Expandit services we can increase pipe diameters by 50% and we can burst through clayware, pitch fibre, concrete, asbestos cement, cast iron and UPVC pipe. There is minimal environmental impact and noise output is greatly reduced. We can replace fresh water pipes, gas mains and sewer pipes using expandit services.


Miniburst is perfect for pipe replacement in difficult locations. It can be operated from existing manholes and new pipes have a design life three or four times that of a repaired pipe. With Miniburst, we can replace pipes with a diameter of 75mm, 100mm and 150mm and pipes up to 50m in length. With the Miniburst system we can burst through clayware, pitch fibre, concrete, asbestos cement and other common materials. We can replace fresh water pipes, gas mains and sewer pipes.

Manhole Bursting

Our system for manhole bursting ensures that there is little environmental disruption, lower costs and reduced programme time. This is because the system can be operated entirely from within existing manholes chambers. We can replace fresh water pipes, gas mains and sewer pipes using the manhole bursting system.


Installation rates

Up to 100 metres per day

dependent on required diameter and ground conditions



Pipe lengths up to 20 meters

(perfect ground conditions required)



+/- 50mm

ground dependent

Rehabilitation of

  • Clay ware
  • Pitch fibre
  • Concrete
  • Asbestos
  • Cast Iron
  • UPVC Pipe

Typical locations

  • Main Roads and Motorways
  • Railways
  • Rivers and Canals
  • Airport Runways and Taxiways
  • SSSI's
  • Military Bases
  • Nuclear facilities
  • ISporting Venues and Tracks
  • Schools and Hospitals
Pipe Bursting Infographic


We start with a detailed survey, site visit and the use of online technology to check geological information



From conception to completion EPS will work in partnership with you, planning and advising you on the best way to complete your project



From start to finish the drilling process is handled professionally and diligently by our fully qualified engineers



Complete reinstatement and site clearance. We leave the site clean and clear

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