EPS Leak Detection and Pipe Tracing Services

Our engineers are trained and experienced in using various types of leak detection equipment and listening devices to pinpoint leaks and locate water supply pipes quickly and efficiently so that the necessary repairs can be speedily carried out.

Even when water rises to the surface, it does not necessarily mean the leak is located at this point, as water tends to find the easiest route of escape. It is important to recognize that leak detection is not an exact science and it is not always possible to locate some leaks using listening devices alone - it may be necessary to excavate.

Leaks from plastic pipes are harder to locate as they are quieter than those from metal based pipes and therefore the sound is more difficult to detect. In addition, property owners do not always have accurate records of the route of their supply pipes and any alterations that may have taken place. In some instances, it may be necessary to carry out excavation work to narrow down the length of supply pipe to pinpoint the leak.

In view of difficulties that may be experienced in locating leaks, for example when the leak is under a building, we may recommend replacement of the supply pipe to avoid future leakage.

Ground Microphones

Ground microphones allow us to amplify, trace and display the noise created by a water escaping from a pipe. We also use ground microphones to trace the line of a pipe. This is done by inducing a sound wave along the pipe which can be measured at ground level thus allowing us to follow and plot its route.

Leak Correlators

Leak correlators identify the acoustic frequency made by water escaping from a pipe. The correlator uses two sensors over the length of a pipe which calculates the leakage location by comparing the signal delay, the sensors distance apart and the sound velocity.

Ground Microphone
Scope Cable Avoidance Tool

The C Scope Cable Avoidance Tool is the classic, industry standard Locator to use to determine the exact location of buried pipes and cables immediately prior to any form of excavation work taking place.

The C Scope SGA and C Scope SGV Signal Generators operate in conjunction with a C Scope Cable Avoidance Tool or Cable Avoidance Tool operating in the Generator mode.

The Signal Generators generate a 33kHz signal which can be applied to a cable or metal pipe to allow it to be traced.

Plastic Pipe Tracers

The unique C Scope Plastic Pipe Tracers are designed specifically to allow SMALL diameter, non-metallic pipes to be traced. Developed as a result of requests from the gas industry, the C Scope Plastic Pipe Tracers are the smallest diameter product on the market and can be successfully inserted into pipes when nothing else fits. Their unique construction gives unparalleled reliability and yet allows both 'line' tracing AND the important 'end' tracing using the remarkable Sonde technology housed at the very tip of the Tracers.

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