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Leaking Supply Pipe

Leaking supply pipe repair

At EPS we always offer the best solution for you. Our FIND & FIX service offers localised water pipe repairs to your burst water mains. If you believe you have a water leak, the first action to take is Water Leak Detection and Pipe Tracing. Our engineers are trained and experienced in using various types of leak detection equipment and listening devices to pinpoint leaks and locate water supply pipes quickly and efficiently so that the necessary repairs can be speedily carried out.

Whether it is a lead, steel or black poly pipe, an excavation of up to 1m x 1m square is carried out to access the section of leaking supply pipe. This is a fast and effective solution for a one off fix. This may be a cheaper option, but if the supply pipe is in poor condition the repair may only offer a short term solution and it may be worth considering Water Mains Replacement.

If your property has a long supply pipe, then FIND & FIX may be the best option. However, as most domestic properties have shorter supply pipes, it is usually more cost effective to have the whole pipe replaced with our Water Mains Replacement service. Using the latest Moling equipment, New Water Mains and Supply Pipes can be laid quickly and cost effectively.

EPS will carry out an onsite inspection and advise you of your options. This service includes leak survey, excavation, repair and reinstatement.

Supply Pipe Diagram

If you live in a terraced house or sometimes older semi-detached houses, your property may have a common supply pipe system, which means you will require shared water supply pipe work. At EPS we can install a new individual supply pipe to your property so that you no longer need to share with your neighbours.

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