Isn't the external pipework the Water Company's responsibility?

Afraid not, the underground water pipe from the boundary of the property to your house is your responsibility.

How long will I be without water?

Usually 15 minutes whilst the engineers carry out the new connections.

What about mess inside and outside my house?

All excavations are backfilled and reinstated. Our operatives clean up after each job as part of a day's work and take their boots off to work inside.

What do I need to do regarding the Water Authority? (new supply's / seperation of a supply)

Nothing, we make the applications and acquire certification on your behalf.

How long will the works take?

On residential supply work we will usually be done on the day but our engineers will advise before work commences if for any reason work requires more time.

What should I do before the works start?

Clear the area where your internal stop tap is or point of entry if you know, but don't worry as this can be done on the day if required. Our engineers will let you know.

I have received a 'waste water notice' and need a prompt quote, can you do this?

Yes, please fill out our fast quote form or call our office, we will respond to all enquiries within 24h hours

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes, any pipe-work we install comes with our extensive guarantee, that's how confident we are in our workmanship.

Will you need to dig up my driveway/garden etc?

In most cases excavations are kept to a minimum through the use of moling. This eliminates the need for trenching in most cases.

Can you lay other pipe other than water pipe?

Yes, EPS specialist engineers are capable of laying and installing many different types of pipework, cable and ducts.

I work a lot and can only be around on certain days, will this be a problem?

At EPS we will endeavour to work with you to find the solution best for you to get the work done.

Will you help me with any application regarding the water company? (new supplies / separation of a supply)

We will be happy to deal with local Water authorities on your behalf for an additional admin charge.

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